Masjid Bilal Launches Text, Give & Seed Campaign

Masjid Bilal Launches Text, Give & Seed Campaign to enhance Masjid Bilal Complex.

Masjid Bilal has embarked upon a new strategy to fund construction of its Masjid and Islamic Community Complex. We are asking as many people as we can possibly reach to donate a minimum of 1 dollar.

TEXT - Our strategy is to use cell phone technology via texting to broadcast our appeal. We are hopeful that this message will ultimately reach outside of the United States finding support with Muslims and all other right minded people.

GIVE - Your donation will be processed through PAYPAL on this site, sent to P.O. Box 8064 Richmond, VA 23223 or call (804) 222-9825 Sundays between 10am and 12 noon. Our customer service representatives will be there to assist you.

SEED - REMEMBER, ALLAH has obligated all of us to extend the call inviting humanity to all that is good. Here is your opportunity.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we want you to forward that message on to at least 10 others. To find out more about Masjid Bilal Construction Project, Select MASJID BILAL COMMUNITY INITIATIVE SPRING.

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